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05/10/22 We're happy to introduce our new Subscription notification system. You are no longer limited to receiving emails about new activity on any of your subscribed topics, users, or forums. We've added a subscription icon () on the right hand side of our site menu which will let you know as new activity happens live.
01/07/22 Good news for our Classified Ads users. You can now sort your posted Classified Ads by expiration date.
12/17/21 Today is a big day for our iOS App. You asked for it and we built it - FULL SCREEN edit mode. Gone are the days of our previous half-screen mode. Now you can use the entire screen to compose your posts.
10/01/21 Finding out who liked your post has just became possible. Hovering over the "thumb" icon count on your posts will now tell you who gave you a thumbs up!! Go ahead and check your posts for thumbs, or go create some awesome posts too.
09/03/21 We're so pleased to announce our latest iOS App update. DARK MODE! Android users, don't worry, this feature is coming soon to our Android app!!
08/13/21 We've made it easier for you to organize your Message Boards Active Topics page. You can now prioritize your active topics by highlighting posts by your subscriptions and location making it easier for you find content that is relevant to you. See it action on our Active Topics page.
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