Ahwatukee family, community rejoice over dog's return

Posted: September 20, 2018 / Source: Ahwatukee Foothills News

Sometimes, miracles do happen.

Just ask Erin and Josh Crowe of Ahwatukee and their daughters, Collette and Stella.

For nine days they had been searching for one of their dogs after he and their other canine slipped out of the backyard.

While the other returned in an hour, 2-year-old Lando was nowhere to be found, prompting the Crowes to launch a massive search-and-social-media effort that drew the assistance of countless neighbors and friends — and even strangers who saw their frantic posts on Ahwatukee 411.

Then, on Sunday morning, they heard whining at the front door.

Lando had come home.

“I don’t even know what to say...speechless,” said Erin on Facebook after their happy reunion. “I was wrong about so many things, he found us. He has been home about 10 min and looks so good for being gone nine days! This is insane! His paws look a little rough but not bad and he’s slowly drinking water and eating food.”

Crowe said “it was a tough week trying to be out there searching and keeping up with the girls.”

They adopted the dog last October from a rescue event and named him after the “Star Wars” character Lando Clarissian.

Although both dogs slipped out, their other pet, Annabelle, returned in an hour.

Meanwhile, Crowe said, “For nine days the community came together to help me search. I was constantly walking the desert and neighborhoods and networking. I was constantly meeting people who were ‘out looking for Lando.’ It was incredible how many people came out every day to help.”

She said some people drove slow with their hazard lights on, and “if we would get a sighting, I’d post to our community page and people were out in minutes to the area to help.”

They even enlisted the aid of the HARTT Humane Rescue and Trapping Team, which set scent trails and a humane trap near the Warpaint trail at South Mountain.

“They were amazing and so knowledgeable,” Crowe said. “I think getting our scent out there helped him stay in the area and ultimately find his way home. We are so excited.”

Crowe planned to take Lando to the vet for a post-adventure examination — as soon as she stopped crying for joy.

“I really can’t even begin to thank all of you,” she told the people who aided her. “I’m in tears from your kindness, compassion and support during this whole ordeal. I still can’t believe my eyes. From the bottom of our hearts we are just so grateful.”

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