LD18 candidates spar on education funding, taxes, vouchers

Posted: September 13, 2018 / Source: Ahwatukee Foothills News

Some sparks flew last Friday in the Clean Elections Commission debate involving five of the six candidates for the State Legislature in the district that includes Ahwatukee.

Education funding, taxes and the proposition to expand school vouchers dominated the debate that included Republic House candidates Rep. Jill Norgaard and Greg Patterson, Democratic House candidates Rep. Mitzi Epstein and Jennifer Jermaine and incumbent Democratic Sen. Sean Bowie. Republican Senate candidate Frank Schmuck did not attend.

While occasionally praising Bowie for his bipartisanship, Patterson and Norgaard either individually or together sparred with their Democratic opponents before an audience of about 100 people over education funding and the referendum expanding the school voucher program.

read entire story:  http://www.ahwatukee.com/news/article_c114e2dc-b6ab-11e8-9457-7f82ba627be6.html
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