More South Mountain trailhead upgrades due in Ahwatukee

Posted: August 14, 2018 / Source: Ahwatukee Foothills News

It’s easy to dismiss the upcoming trailhead improvement projects at South Mountain Park because their scale is so much smaller than the extensive makeover performed a year ago at Pima Canyon.

But the improvements planned for later this year at the busy Desert Foothills trailhead and the convenient Beverly Canyon trailhead should contribute to more visitors enjoying the park, even if it’s just a matter of having a clean restroom to use or having a ramada available for a picnic.  

With both projects, Phoenix Parks and Recreation hopes to build on its successes at Pima Canyon, despite some controversy that forced an overhaul of their original plan because of pushback from neighbors.

Following the Pima Canyon game plan, the department will replace a group of portable toilets at Desert Foothills with two modern flush toilets. The restrooms will be located in the center of a small parking lot that almost always fills up during the cooler months, when hikers and bicyclists flock to enjoy the popular Telegraph Trail.

A new ramada will be built closer to the trailhead, located on the south side of the park off Desert Foothills Boulevard.

Beverly Canyon, off 46th Street on the south side of the park, will feature a repaved parking lot and two new ramadas, but the improvements are limited to avoid disrupting historic artifacts, which will be highlighted through interpretive signage.

“We’re repeating the lessons we’ve learned through Pima Canyon,’’ said Joe Diaz, lead landscape architect for Phoenix parks, adding that the Pima Canyon facelift has worked out better than anticipated.

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