UPDATE: Ahwatukee Jr. Olympian fully funded to participate in 2018 Jr. Olympics

Posted: July 19, 2018 / Source: AZFamily

Macy Eide has been playing hockey since the seventh grade and has had a dream of making it to the Olympics for four years now.

In May, she found out her dream would turn into a reality come July when she was offered to represent the U.S. Jr. Olympic team.

[ORIGINAL STORY: Ahwatukee Junior Olympian crowdfunds for chance to represent Team USA]

With Eide finding out the good news so close to her departure date, it made being financially prepared for the trip an issue.

A GoFundMe was created in late May in hopes to raise $5,500 for Eide’s trip July 18 to July 29.

With only three days before her departure, Eide had only raised $1,910. Then, on Monday, The Thunderbirds, who host the Waste Management Phoenix Open, stepped in and donated $3,600 to the GoFundMe putting Macy’s funds over what she had asked for.

Now, Eide will get the chance to represent her country at the 2018 Jr. Olympic games.

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