Photographer views Ahwatukee studio as a safe haven

Posted: July 17, 2018 / Source: Ahwatukee Foothills News

Megan Gall is the mother of a daughter with autism. And in the 11 years since her daughter’s birth, Gall rediscovered her love for photography and developed her talent into a business.

Her artist’s eye, combined with technical expertise, has produced exquisitely detailed ocean and desert shots while turning out bread-and-butter portraits and professional headshots.

Two months ago, Gall and her husband Devon, opened Desert hARTS Portrait Studio and Art Gallery in the Goodwill Shopping Center at Chandler Boulevard and 32nd Street in Ahwatukee.

We spent nearly all the past two decades bopping around between San Diego and Denver, and full circle made it back to Ahwatukee this year,” she said.

“With the help of donations from friends and family and a lot of faith, Desert hARTS was born and we opened the doors at the end of April. I wanted to show my daughter what having a dream and a lot of hard work looked like. I want her to have the opportunity to do something like this herself one day.”

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