Ahwatukee residents ask Arizona's Family for help getting month-old water leak fixed

Posted: July 17, 2018 / Source: AZFamily

Every day for the past month, Elizabeth Woodard has been out sweeping water in front of her Ahwatukee home, and it just keeps coming.

"It's frustrating because no one's fixed it, and I don't know how long we have to live with this," said Woodard. "It's the waste of water. We live in a desert. It just upsets me that we have such a waste of water."

The water was coming from across the street, by the home of Beverly Krol.

Krol said she reported the leak to the City of Phoenix more than a month ago and has waited and waited for someone to come out and fix it.

She estimates that their neighborhood leak has wasted tens of thousands of gallons of water.

"I've called four to five times since then, and two to three times I was told we were fourth on the list and somebody would be out there, but nobody ever came," said Krol.

The neighbors had enough and they reached out to Arizona's Family for help.

We contacted the City of Phoenix  Water Services Department; a crew was on the scene within hours to fix the leak.

"Very grateful," said Woodard. "I thought I was going to have to wait another month."

A City spokesman released this statement:

"A Phoenix Water crew went out to investigate and determined it was a low priority leak. Last week, it was scheduled for repair, and the work is currently underway.

"It is the City’s goal to repair all leaks and breaks in a safe and timely manner, while also trying to minimize water losses and impacts to our residents. Water Services repair crews must prioritize larger and more urgent leaks that can pose a threat to public health, property, and safety. While our crews are working 24/7, this can cause delays in responding to smaller leaks on service lines, water mains, valves, and hydrants. Leaks can be reported to Phoenix Water Services online at www.phoenix.gov/atyourservice or by dialing the 24/7 H2O Hotline at 602-261-8000."

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