Off-road vehicle stolen from Ahwatukee man days before his first race after serious accident

Posted: July 9, 2018 / Source: AZFamily

This weekend was supposed to be a “daddy daughter” date to Mormon Lake, so Dustin Dudley could race his UTV off-road vehicle in front of his favorite fan, his 12-year-old daughter.

But Friday morning he walked outside his Ahwatukee home to leave... “And the trailer was gone,” said Dudley.

That put him out about $60,000 and none of it was insured since he built the UTV himself. So he passed out these flyers and turned to neighbors for help and was able to find all sorts of different camera angles that show a white SUV taking off with his trailer and racer overnight.

“So from all those videos we started trying to put together a timeline,” said Dudley. “The suspect vehicle came into the neighborhood a couple of hours before they stole anything from my house and they drove up and down every neighborhood street for hours.”

But it's not so much about monetary loss, as it was an emotional blow.

“I was involved in a very tragic accident January 9th. Ended up in a helicopter ride to a level 1 trauma center,” said Dudley.

That accident put him in a wheelchair for four months and this was the very first race he was able to enter since the accident. He just finished building that custom UTV three days ago for his big comeback.

Now he's racing against time, hoping police can use these videos to track down the suspects and his wheels.

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