Wedding planner blends rituals for celebrations

Posted: June 3, 2018 / Source: Ahwatukee Foothills News


Jo Ann M. Grant considers herself an architect who helps people create their ideal weddings from scratch.

Whether it involves a groom making a grand entrance on a white horse as part of an Indian ritual or a couple uniting in a traditional Catholic ceremony, Grant said she helps build clients’ big day “from the ground up.”

As the owner of Apropos Creations, which she started in 2009, Grant has successfully orchestrated weddings that celebrate the cultures of India, Laos, Mexico, the Philippines and the United States.

“It’s definitely a lot of mind stress,” Jo Ann said. “It’s not just one wedding I’m focused on. It’s being able to juggle and organize my thoughts. I write it all down. There are challenging times where you doubt yourself. Then you have this family that supports you.”

She said hearing praise from her clients at the end of the night is “all I look forward to.”

“It’s those little words that makes me keep going,” Jo Ann said.

Many clients have posted praise for Jo Ann on Apropos Creations’ Facebook page.

“Apropos Creations/ Jo Ann Grant was such a pleasure to work with,” Daniela Enriquez posted. “Jo Ann is a true professional and knows all the ins and outs about wedding planning, and in our case she was the backbone of our very complex multicultural wedding which turned out absolutely amazing!!”

Nicole Ashley also was thrilled with her wedding organized by Jo Ann.

“Than you, that is all we can really say!” Ashley posted. “Our wedding was absolutely perfect."

Grant’s services start at $2,000. Information:

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