Ahwatukee business riding bigger digital wave

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Posted: May 25, 2018 / Source: Ahwatukee Foothills News

The way Michael Vanderslice sees it, the only way to get ahead is to stay ahead of the digital curve.

And right now, it’s like riding a tsunami.

For five years, the 14-year Ahwatukee resident was vice president of operations for a computer-repair company in Virginia called Geeks on Call and helped grow it to 325 franchise locations nationwide.

But people just don’t need help with broken computers any more.

So last year, he started TechFly, which can best be described as a company full of digital docs who make house calls.

And he’s going one step further, recruiting part-time professional techs who work basically like Uber or Lyft drivers.

His concept so impressed Kevin Harrington – one of the original sharks on the hit show “Shark Tank” – that he signed on as one of the investors who have bought into Vanderslice’s dream of testing his concept in Ahwatukee and growing it across the country.

“Kevin Harrington was introduced to the concept through our attorney and he just loved the concept and wanted to join the team,” Vanderslice said. “It’s been great having him on the team since he has so much business experience and passion about the brand.”

Vanderslice said TechFly is meeting a growing need that didn’t exist when he was running a company that only made house calls to repair computers or set up a wi-fi home network.

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