Ahwatukee dentist hopes his website drills into community

Posted: March 12, 2018 / Source: Ahwatukee Foothills News

Dr. Howard Farran has spent 30 years drilling Ahwatukee residents’ teeth and now he wants them to drill down into their community with a website he and his sons have started.

Tukeetown.com was started by Farran, who has practiced in Ahwatukee at Today’s Dental for three decades, “to give residents a place to get news, find local events and talk to each other on its message boards about everything Ahwatukee.”

Said marketing manager Chris Bailey: “If we could put what we are trying to do in a nutshell, it is break down the ‘endless newsfeed’ communities that are around right now like Facebook or Nextdoor and instead give Ahwatukee a place to discuss issues like the freeway expansion or schools.

“We are about to hit 1,000 members already and are hoping Ahwatukee residents use our platform to start writing their own blogs or sharing podcasts of their own,” Bailey added.

Farran is no stranger to the internet – or making money from it.

“I had the idea for a community website to connect dentists and the dental profession way back in 1999 and it is now the largest website in dentistry,” he said. “This same concept is now being offered to the Ahwatukee community.”

Farran moved to Ahwatukee after graduating from dental school in 1987.

But as a result in part from his dentistry website, he was catapulted onto a world stage, traveling around the globe to lecture.

His lectures aren’t just limited to dentists, who use his site to exchange information about new techniques and other issues in their field.

He has written a book on business titled “Uncomplicate Business: All It Takes is People, Time and Money.”

“Running a business is a lot like running the Ironman,” he wrote. “It is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have while simultaneously being one of the hardest, most challenging endeavors you’ll ever face.

“If there’s something in common between running a business and running the Ironman, it’s this: You have to have a strong core.”

“In the Ironman, that means having balance, stability, strength and good posture to prevent injury. In business, having a strong core means always returning to your roots and constantly addressing your mission statement and the goal you set out when you started your business.”

To get tukeetown rolling, Farron said, “I started by podcasting businesses in Ahwatukee to create content and dedicated 5-10 hours per week recording the shows.”

Those podcasts are interviews with a variety of community leaders and business owners

“Now that the site is launched, our guerilla marketing out on the streets is taking up my time along with continuing to podcast,” he added. “We just officially launched the site on Feb. 12 and are slowly getting the word out.”

Find the story here:  http://www.ahwatukee.com/business/article_4e086e18-2285-11e8-bfb1-333a916ce2d3.html



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