Lebanese couple overcame distrust of auto repair shop

Posted: March 11, 2018 / Source: Ahwatukee Foothills News

It’s one thing to open a business and build trust among customers. But what do you do when you buy a business that already has blown that trust?

That was the challenge that Wassek and Rima el-Rabaa faced a little more than two years ago when they bought Xpress Automotive, a full-service auto repair shop at 15629 S. Desert Foothills Parkway, Ahwatukee.

So how did the couple end up servicing motor vehicles after they left Lebanon and came to America in November 2001?

“I had been involved with cars my whole life; my dad owned his own business doing automotive upholstery repairs, and we used to watch him work all the time,” recalled Wassek.

“My father’s passion for cars rubbed off on me and my six brothers and now all my brothers and I – and even Rima – share my father’s passion and enthusiasm for anything to do with cars.”

The couple also zoomed in on Ahwatukee quickly.

“Ahwatukee was our first home after our marriage,” said Rima. “We have always loved the community because everyone was so welcoming, caring and supportive, especially for me when I was first here after immigrating from Lebanon. Someone was always offering to help me do something, or learn something, or teach me something about my new home town.”

read the entire story here:  http://www.ahwatukee.com/business/article_27c20c60-2284-11e8-9255-4b326060e03c.html



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