1942 340T Philco Radio

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1942 340T Philco Radio
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The 1942 Philco line was made up of mostly mild facelifts and small changes to sets, plus the addition of new model numbers.

Frequency Modulation (FM) had been available since 1940, but Philco did not make any radios capable of receiving FM until the start of their 1942 selling season. The FM feature was included in many of their higher-end radios. Philco’s FM circuit was designed to circumvent the Armstrong patents and did not receive FM with the full fidelity that Armstrong’s circuits did. Like all prewar FM radios, the Philco FM sets received a band that became obsolete during the war: 42 to 50 mc. Since World War IIFM has operated in the 88 to 108 mc band.

Philco’s higher-end phonographs continued to use their exclusive Beam of the Light pickup head. Their automatic record changers added a slower speed – 39 rpm. These two-speed changers proved troublesome, and after the war, Philco marketed a conversion kit to change the two-speed 1942 changers into single speed (78 rpm) rim drive.

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