Are Your Negative Feelings Holding You Back?
Are past hurts, perhaps by a friend, family member, or colleague holding you back? Are you struggling to keep your head held high after a disappointment?Are you feeling sideswiped by a betrayal? Are you open to release your hurt, heal your heart, and move forward into a freer, fuller, and more...  Read More
Create The Life You Desire
This moment is the first moment of the rest of your life.  Yes, it is. You can only live moment to moment, the past is gone, the future is the next moment. What will you do this moment to create your spite of all that has been and IS?Are you willing to take the steps required to claim...  Read More
Worry Sabotages Your Happiness
Worrying about what other people think about you, will prevent you from being your best.Worrying will prevent you from being real.Worrying will prevent you from doing the right thing.Worrying will prevent you from being what others need you to be (which isn’t the same as what they want you to...  Read More
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How You Create Your Problems
"You create your problems by what you believe,  think, say, do, andallow.  Ironically you do not see what you are building/creating even though you designed the blueprint! Until one moment you have an epiphany." - Dorothy M. Neddermeyer,  Ph.D. The human brain was designed to work non-stop...  Read More

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