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Caring for Patients Beyond their Mouths: The Holistic Dental Approach

Caring for Patients Beyond their Mouths: The Holistic Dental Approach

10/21/2019 11:31:42 PM   |   Comments: 1   |   Views: 19

People are looking for a more all-encompassing approach to their traditional medical and dental care. They need to be supported and healed in a natural and non-invasive way. They want their health and wellbeing to be supported and cared for and don’t want their dentists to focus solely on treating the disease while ignoring the patient. Unlike other areas of holistic health, it is a combination of modern science and natural healing methods. 

What is Holistic Dentistry? 

Holistic dentistry is a new and emerging way to practice dentistry that focuses on the overall health and wellbeing of the patient as much as their teeth and gums. It is not a pseudo-science and instead combines natural healing with dentistry, which is a new approach that patients of all backgrounds can and do appreciate. 

Those who are anxious, for example, will find holistic dentistry far more agreeable than one that focuses solely on the disease and not the person attached to the teeth. 

Why Should Your Practice Offer Holistic Dental Care? 

There are many reasons why your practice should look into offering holistic dental care. 

Expands Your Offerings to Patients 

People are becoming increasingly aware of the failings of modern living. Though this does not mean that your practice will ever discount modern medicine, it does mean that you need to be aware of your patient as a whole. The entire crux of holistic dentistry is to combine modern dentistry procedures with a broader approach to the health and wellbeing of your clients. It also means being open to alternatives for certain surgeries. 

With the root canal, for example, there is a chance that taking a different approach can help promote the body’s natural defences against the bacteria build-up instead of killing off its ability to fight infections in that area. Not every client will want this, but having options is a great way for your patient to make the best decision for them and their health. 

Helps You Stand Out From Your Competition 

As Sydney Holistic Dental Centre has showcased, offering holistic dental care not only widens the services provided by your practice, but it also makes your practice stand out from your competitors. For those who wish to explore holistic dentistry in a bit to avoid surgery gum disease or to find a less invasive option for a root canal, holistic dentistry is an attractive option. 

Offering holistic dentistry can also help you reach more people organically through search engines. It gives you a niche that you can focus on for a great ROI on your digital marketing budget. Anything that can help showcase your commitment to your patients regardless of their beliefs, wishes, or needs, will bring with it a huge boost to your practice. 

How to Get Started

You do not need to focus solely on holistic dentistry, but offering the option will give your patients greater control over their health. To get started you will need to research the practice and of course, hire a dentist who is experienced with holistic dentistry options. Ideally they should feel comfortable with performing regular dentist procedures so that they can be there for patients regardless of what they need. 

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