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Strategies To Move Out Of Adversity

10/25/2018 3:47:14 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 30

Life is difficult.  Adversity transpires as part of the vicissitudes in the 3rd dimension. Yes, there are ways to sugar coat a difficult situation, however, I believe the best way to go through adversity is to respond open, honest and direct.

“Do not fear the winds of adversity. Remember: A kite rises against the wind rather than with it” – Unknown Author
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I believe people are taught to hide their true feelings and react how they think is expected in order to stay “positive”. I believe the word “positive” has lost its meaning, like the word “fresh” that is plastered on all  chemically produced substances that are marketed as food.

When you bemoan your 'fate' whining that it 'isn't fair', 'why me?’, you are muddling in negative energy that can keep you stuck.  Instead, accept the reality there is a bump in the road. Being positive means being human, and if a situation is difficult for you, the best thing you can do to transcend it, is admit that you are struggling. 

Your loved ones, friends and/or colleagues will be there for you. I am sure they won’t mind helping you with love and maybe suggestions how to solve it. If you falter and lose hope if a situation doesn’t go your way you are working against yourself. That is analogous to putting a bag of rocks on your shoulders. When you acknowledge the situation and stay true to yourself through adversity you will find a solution more quickly and move on. 

Secondly, you need to let go of the things you believe 'should' be in a certain way, things you desire. Avoid controlling, avoid stressing yourself believing that things need to be a certain way, go into the process flow. Trust that you are guided and that everything is in right order for a reason and a purpose and that you will be guided.

Focus on positive expectations. What you expect and focus on is what you will create.

The reason why you get caught in adversity is, because, sometimes you feel lost and don't know what to do. Not anymore, because you can trust the process.

Strategies to move your mind into a place of focus and expectations:

  • Let go and allow the universe to work in your favor, which means your being conscious of who you are, and what you are about.  Accept the result trusting in a higher power.
  • Ask for input from family, friends, and colleagues as appropriate.
  • Meditate for relaxation.
  • Walk and quiet your mind.
  • Live purposefully concentrating on what excites you.
  • Believe in yourself. Stay Strong. Stay Focused. Stay Calm.

There are many views on expectations but my reference is different in that it is what I am expecting to achieve. Not expectations of or from others. 

Napolean Hill said it best:  Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

The benefit in cases of adversity, find that little voice of reasoning inside, listen to that voice and act accordingly relying on your strength and courage which we all possess. Realizing and accepting that all things transpire for a reason as an equal or greater benefit in the face of adversity. 

Looking back at the adversity you will notice the things you learned, the things you forgot were your inner core and you can be proud of yourself. Money can't buy that and you created it from within your indomitable self. 

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