Health and Wellness Tips
Health and Wellness Tips
My tips are focused on prevention and, healing in Mind, Body and Spirit. Your Mind, Body and Spirit are designed to heal itself provided it has the proper support and nutrition to do its job.
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How To Remove Your Glass Ceiling in 2023
Are you fretting, stressing or both as time moves closer to a new year? Which one of the three are you doing the most?    Maybe you are already feeling guilt or shame for being in a negative frame of mind? It's ok, breathe and know you can choose another way.   Are you forgetting that being...  Read More
The Mental/Emotional cause of influenza: Response to mass negativity and beliefs. Fear. Belief in statistics. Belief in statistics controls your perception, beliefs, and feelings about yourself, others, and life on this planet. All living things are made from cells that contain millions of...  Read More
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While reflecting on the heart-warming dreams of many people I mentor for success, I thought about the nature of dreams.  The awareness came to me that "Dreams are a beautiful way to feel uplifted, invigorated, and full of life." Yet for many people dreams can also feel scary at first! Yes, you...  Read More
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Apply These 3 Tips To Maintain Trust
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  Do you want to improve your life or stay the same? No matter what you have achieved, you are at a certain point right now. What you have achieved in the past is fine, but it doesn’t make a difference for the future. The decision about what you will become is made each day. Each day someone is...  Read More
When I was 7-years-old, I had an epiphany that when I grew up I would be doing the work I have done for 30+ years. I knew in my heart that I was destined to assist people to transform/transmute the mental/emotional and physical pain there are in. It resonated deeply and spoke to my soul. Growing...  Read More
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How to Navigate the Stresses and Vicissitudes of Life Easily and Effortlessly
  You know Junk food is bad for you--right? There is also such a thing as junk hypnosis processes. I am talking about the use of hypnosis scripts that some schools teach practitioners to read to people for weight reduction, tobacco cessation, sports activities, text anxiety, anxiety, bad habits,...  Read More
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