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Dentaltown was created to make sure no dentist would ever practice alone. This new mentorship program is exclusively for Townies and is designed to strengthen the relationships within the community while also providing individualized attention to new dentists.

The program offers mentees an opportunity to develop business contacts, increase their professional knowledge and benefit from valuable resources. For mentors, the program is a chance to share professional expertise, develop coaching, communication and leadership skills, and strengthen the dental community.

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Apply as Mentor

  • ● Extend your Townie network and cultivate relationships with up-and-coming dentists
  • ● Share your valuable knowledge
  • ● Develop coaching, communication, and leadership skills
  • ● Exchange ideas and perspectives on issues in your practice
  • ● Gain personal satisfaction by motivating dental students and new dentists (practicing 5 years or less)
  • ● For more information click here

Apply as Mentee

  • ● Strengthen and build your dental network
  • ● One-of-a-kind support and encouragement from a trusted mentor
  • ● Increase your dental competence and effectiveness
  • ● Enhance awareness of issues and common mistakes in your practice
  • ● Get the latest ideas, techniques and best practices from key opinion leaders in the profession
  • ● For more information click here
For any questions please contact Sally, Member Services Specialist, at sally@tukeetown.com or +1-480-445-9710.

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